About Us


Who are we?


We are a company dedicated to empowering artists to create amazing music. By sharing our knowledge, artists can focus on what they love and make a living out of it. 

We are music lovers, drummers, guitar players, producers, managers and agents. We are music industry professionals who want to help you succeed! 

Why We Do What We Do?


Simple! We believe in art! We believe everyone has a story to tell and we want to help guide talented artists in showcasing their stories in front of others. We also really LOVE music!

Where Do We Come From?


Our main office is currently set up in the festivals city of Montreal. We started in the basement of our founder and evolved into a client list of over 65 talented artists. Our humble beginnings help us to understand the challenges of the business and make us better at our job. 


Simon Pelletier

Founder, Mountain Climber and Gamer

I founded Golden Path Music 6 years ago with the idea of creating a company that would help artists navigate this business dominated by Majors. My background isn’t in music from a traditional standpoint, but it was always where I saw myself evolving.

Today, I’m proud of what the team and I have achieved in our short existence and feel that the future will be even more colourful.  


Alexandre Garceau

Project Manager, Music Producer and Semi-Pro Soccer Player

I studied in audio engineering and became a music producer. From there, I wanted know more about the « business » side of music and joined Golden Path Music in 2018.

Just like anybody working in this industry, you can already know that I have a huge passion for it. I also have background in marketing and communications, so I like to mix everything together to make it as interesting as possible! If you are looking for someone who likes new exciting ideas and loves music, I am your guy.


Kenza Zemmama

Marketing, Branding Specialist and Soccer Player

I found out how much I love being involved in the creation and production of a goal while playing soccer (yes, I'm an attacking midfielder). That’s why I’m in Music Marketing ! Using my brain’s right hemisphere to help artists reach their goals is extremely satisfying to me ! 

My role is to explore your universe as an artist, find out what naturally makes you unique and smartly use the appropriate tools and creative strategies to help you show that to the world, your own way.  


“Amazing Team. Thanks for your help!”


Max Berbr is now working on his first release. 



We love to meet fellow members of the music industry. 


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