Having a mentor is something that everybody should look for. This professionnal and experienced person will help you reach your career objectives. 

YOUR 1-on-1 Consulting Sessions

Using our mentoring services means that you will have one-on-one conversations with an experienced music professional. You will have time to discuss your objectives, your next releases and anything important. 

Let's Talk

Let's talk! We really want to help you succeed and take your career to the next level. This call is meant for us to get to know you and see if we are a good match.

Is Consulting For You?

Getting a consultant is kinda like getting a new, knowledgeable friend that can assist you when you need it.

Assess your team

Ok, so who's on your team? Do you have a manager? A booking agent? A publicist? Your consultant can help you assess who you need to hire based on how advanced your career is. If you have a full team already helping you, maybe working with us on marketing might be the right move.


Hiring anybody in this industry comes at a price. Getting the right budget for the task is normally step one of any successful release. Your consultant can help you figure this out but make sure you have a budget available for extra services such as PR or social media marketing.

What do you really need?

Soooo, there is a big difference between need and want. The job of a consultant is not to do stuff for you, but to help you make clearer decisions about where to go next. Of course, you'll have access to a support team and a bunch of different tools to help you on the long way. 

Our Strategic Artist Development Plan

As an artist, focusing on music should be your priority. For us, it's getting your music out there, helping you acquire new fans and developing new strategies based on the ever-changing music industry. 


What is it? 

Our SADP is the perfect option for independent artists who want to get their things moving the right way. What we end up doing with you is the same thing we do with the artist we manage. Once we're done, you'll have a 360 two years plan that covers everything you need to do to get into the big league. 

Subjects we cover:

  • Social media and branding
  • Marketing
  • Funding
  • Content creation
  • Streaming
  • And way more!

Meetings Schedule

This is an outline of our meetings during your consulting sessions. The duration will be anywhere from 45 minutes to 90 minutes.

1. Introduction

Meet the team


Initial data gathering

Goals definition



2. Industry

Let's talk business

Industry knowledge assessment

Overview of teams and companies

Contact lists


3. Planning

Get your pencil

Start outlining the plan

Define releases for the next two years

Go over music production needs


4. Planning

Tik Tok and Instagram

Finish with the outline of the plan with promo start and end dates

Define team members



5. Social Media

Digital Marketing

Social media posts outline



Best practices

Fan engagement


6. Branding


Content creation

Branding strategy, verticals analogy


Website and others



7. Promotion

Radio, TV, Sync, PR and others

Marketing strategy


Radio and PR




8. Wrapping Up

Cherry on top!







On top of insightful meetings with one of our team members and a full marketing plan for the next two years, you'll get a full toolkit that includes: contract templates, marketing cheat sheets, excel spreadsheets with everything you need for accounting and tracking, streaming promo document, audience report and way more. 

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