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Music Promotion

Music promotion has been part of the industry forever. It changed, merged and remodeled many many times. Today, it's important to develop and build a long-lasting relationship with your fans and create a two-way communication panel with them. To be able to achieve that, you need a team of professionals who can guide you threw those complicated and narrow waters. 

As you probably know now, we are a company that supports artists as much as we can. One of the things we find the most important is to work with your budget. That's right, we will help you define how to invest it wisely. We want to optimize every dollar you invest to maximize your return on investment and create a sustainable and growing music career. 

Our services:


Social Media 


Custom Marketing

Social Media Promotion

Social Media

Creating a great social media campaign is not easy. The content has to be relevant, the audience receptive and the algorithm in a good mood.  If done correctly, your music can be exposed to thousands of new fans who are looking for you without even knowing it. 

Our promotional campaigns are based on three key components:


In-depth Fan Analyses and Audience Segmentation - Money Optimisation and Content Monitoring

How it works

Fan Analyses

and Audience Segmentation 

Part of the pre-campaign, this step is crucial for the success of the entire campaign.


We analyze your current and soon-to-be fans psychographics and demographics to create multiple audiences that we will later target with the right content.

Money Optimization

The second most important part of promoting on social media is keeping an eye on your dollars.


An increase in the cost per interaction means that it's time to change something up. It can be the post, the type of content or the audience. Then comes the third point: Content Monitoring.

Content Monitoring

Going in pair with money optimization, content monitoring is one of the vital components of a successful campaign.


Rule #1, your content needs to be appealing to your audience. That's why we always monitor the performance of the posts to read the data behind it. If significant changes in engagement occur, something's up. 



This one is perfect for you if your budget is limited but still want great results.

A one-month ad campaign on either Facebook on Instagram. We use the technics above to maximize your reach and bring traffic to your platform.

Possibility to add post scheduling and a custom social media release plan.

Great for the artist who wants amazing results across all their social platforms. 

A six or eight weeks campaign that includes a custom social media release plan for Facebook & Instagram, weekly meetings to track the progress of the campaign and assistance with content selection. 

Possibility to add post scheduling 

Let us know how we can help

Public Relations

Custom Marketing

How it works

Our main markets are Canada and the US but our reach goes beyond those two countries. We have contacts in Europe, Australia, Latin Americas and all around the world. 

We think that having a big connection network is the key to our success but yours as well. 

Our Reach

Being in the music business, you are surrounded by creativity all over. The cool thing about it is that ideas are flowing. To reach a broad audience, you need to come up with some pretty new and creative ideas. That's where we come up. We want to make your project as successful as it can be. It often means that we have to go further than PR and social media. Take a look at some of the things we do to elevate a release. 

Email List

Cultivating a healthy email list is a great way to build loyal fans and sell-out shows. To make people subscribe to your emails list, we need to create an incentive. Something that will make them want to subscribe. One of the things we can do is to create a marketing campaign that will give exclusive access to special content for your most loyal fans. 

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