• Mackenzie Schwarz

Celebrate summer solstice with Sam Louis

The summer of 2020 will be one to remember. The world slowly opening up again from a global pandemic; learning to adjust to a new normal… And as temperatures rise this weekend and we celebrate the start of a sure-to-be unique season, let me introduce you to a unique artist too.

Sam Louis is a Toronto-based singer/songwriter that is changing and challenging the Canadian music scene with every single released. He is a pop artist that is both thoughtful with his lyrics, and technical in his execution. At the same time, Louis draws his audience in with his passion for music and infectious creativity.

Louis has two solo albums out already, but has been making music long before that with band Maraday Park, posting popular covers on YouTube, and even preforming in musical theatre productions. His diverse experience brings drama and theatricality to his original music.

His most recent single “This Love,” released in October 2019, exhibits the vulnerable and relatable qualities Louis wishes to express in the next phase of his music. Following, there will be a new single and video, then finally, a summer 2020 EP.

Yes, this summer might look slightly different than the last, but at least we’re going to get a great soundtrack! Keep your ears open for the sequel to “This Love,” coming out this summer.

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