• Mackenzie Schwarz

Just when you think you've heard it all, hear Jesse Daniel Smith

Jesse Daniel Smith is an artist with character. While you'll definitely groove to his chill, laid back originals and popular covers, it's his attitude you'll fall in love with.

He is an eclectic, alternative folk singer with a personality to match. He writes on his website his distaste for social media, and the woes of being an independent artist, yet with five self-made albums under his belt, Jesse has risen above any hint of adversity.

He began writing music soon after high school, so for us as listeners, there is so much to discover. From covers of his favourite classics to singles and EPs that tell it how it is, there is no short of character here. You’ll find that every song title tells you exactly what to expect, so go ahead a choose one that suits your current mood. Personally, I love his newest cover, “(I’d Go the) Whole Wide World.”

If you're interested in listening to songs that make you think, and can even get a little political, Jesse's stuff is for you. If you're interested in making a beautiful, laid back playlist for your summer BBQ, don't worry, he's got music for you too.

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