Kolas Experiment New Single

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

After a fantastic album release in November 2017, Kolas Experiment and their leader Nicolas Muraton went back in the studio to create this catchy and funky song.

Following the album release, the band played multiple shows and festivals around the city. After playing the international blues festivals, they were invited to perform at “blues sur seine” in

France where they played acoustic versions of their songs. After those couple of days performing in France, they came back to Canada with a brighten vision about the future of their music. It’s with an amazing pleasure that they want to present to you this new single call Runnin’.

In the future, Kolas Experiment would be this idea of an ever-evolving band surrounding Nicolas Muraton.

NNicolas is a musician, singer/songwriter born in the countryside. He grew up with a passion for music and learned the guitar when he was young. He discovered the dobro guitar and made it his signature instrument mixing rock, soul and funk. After his participation to La Voix, he performed as a single man band playing multiple instruments at once. He then founded Kolas Experiment and created this amazing album name “Instincts”.

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