Montreal Band, Ivytide, Releases New EP

Ivytide is a Montreal-based, lo-fi/indie band that formed in 2018 after meeting at a recording studio. A shared love for the genre and creative chemistry brought founding members, Nathan Gagné (vocals, guitar), Jamie Snytte (guitar), and Kyle Ruggiero (bass) together. Daniel Smilovitch on drums, and Adam Nutbey on keys also share in the collective. The band has been working hard to release two EPs since their formation and have recently signed with Higher Reign Music Group.

If you were already a fan, the band would’ve won you over with their debut EP “Bloom.” Just last week, the new EP “Pardon Our Distance,” was released. The new material is a very satisfying follow up! It is a little more contemplative and sweet, as much of the songs relate to lost loves and the intricacies of relationships. At the same time, the songs give off a psychedelic and dreamy quality. Listening gives one the feeling of looking at something as it goes in and out of focus – fitting, as the first single released is called “Blurr.”

Give it a listen and a download for your July kick off, and be sure to check out their website for upcoming news and trendy, new merch!