• Mackenzie Schwarz

"R&B, jazz, and soul come together, as Andria moulds stories into melodic art"

As the days get shorter, the weather gets colder, and we creep closer and closer to

the holiday season, it’s only natural that some of you are starting to get into the

Christmas spirit. You might’ve even strung a few lights or hung your stockings, but

before you start cranking Mariah Carey, let the soothing voice of Andria Piperni

wash over you.

R&B, jazz, and soul come together, as Andria moulds stories into melodic art. Her

latest release “Yours,” combines groovy cadence and transparent lyrics, revealing

influences like Alicia Keys and Corrine Bailey Rae clearly. As one listens to her

music, it is easy to see how her life as a dancer has influenced her. There is a pulsing

quality about it that makes you want to move!

Piperni has been busy since releasing her debut single “Say Something” in 2018, and

has been steadily feeding us singles throughout 2019. She has collaborated with

various other artists, including fellow Montrealer DJ Andrew Pololos, spending a few

weeks on Spotify’s Viral 50 Canada chart.

So before your playlists are packed with jingle bells and Michael Bublé, take

sometime to meditate (or dance) to Andria Piperni and her soulful take on the


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