"Simon,Golden Path has always been of great support, a reliable adviser, and a genuine human being"

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

We want to thank Nicolas Muraton for this kind review. It's always a pleasure to work with you!

Working with Simon Pelletier through Golden Path Music has been a real pleasure. I met him sometime before we (Kolas Experiment) released our first record. He came around in perfect timing for I was starting to exhaust myself trying to manage every aspect of the band. With Golden Path’s help with branding and promoting, we began to have more exposure on social platforms, which is priceless in this new virtual generation. But what I am most grateful for, is Simon’s generosity and kindness. When he approached me, he made sure I understood that he believed in my music, it’s potential, and that he did not want me to change my essence in order to gain fame.
Kolas Experiment with the band leader Nicolas Muraton
Not so long after signing with Simon, I announced to him that the band was breaking up, for we all wanted different things. And at that moment, I was given a confirmation of Golden Path’s purity. Simon said that he would like to continue collaborating with me, even if for the time being I had no product to sell, not a clue what was ahead. I am grateful to have finally met someone in this business who truly believes in me as an artist, not just a product, possible growing digits. Simon, Golden Path, has always been of great support, a reliable adviser, and a genuine human being. That is why I choose Golden Path Music.
- Nicolas Muraton