Squeaky clean new single for Motel Raphaël's Maya Malkin

You may have seen her as a frontline singer and guitarist for Montreal band, Motel Raphaël, but now Maya Malkin is stepping out with a solo project you have to check out!

No stranger to the world of pop music, Maya has preformed with Motel Raphaël at big festivals like Osheaga and SXSW, and even toured with Canadian alt-pop duo, Tegan and Sara.

Malkin dives deeper into the music industry with her fresh single “Hostage" that was just released on April 17th. This track is filled with real life, relational pressures, but is presented in fun, dance-y packaging. Her retro-inspired cover art featuring yellow, cleaning gloves is the cherry on top - a very timely release Maya! "Happy Quarantine," she posts on her Insta.

Like her other recent release, "Making Moves,” "Hostage" is a catchy-pop-bop that uses synth and effects, and highlights her voice in an entirely new way. As a solo artist, Malkin hits a familiar groove as her music with the band, but changes direction by replacing traditional guitar and drums with a new exploration of electronic sound. These are songs that will get stuck in your head – in the best way possible!

Want to hear more? Keep your ears open for new songs, but you can also check out Maya’s Instagram. The singer has not only been posting enchanting new covers, but also shares news on upcoming events, and her general love for music.