Vince James to Open for Half Moon Run

If you think you might be a little too old for trick or treating this year, think about

catching a local concert! Montreal boys, Half Moon Run and Vince James will be

lighting up the stage at the M Telus on Halloween night.

You might know Half Moon Run, but it’s time to get to know Vince. Based in

Montreal, the artist has been on a steady climb in the city’s music industry since

2016. After honing his craft in the west, James released his self-

discovering EP “Who is James,” here in Montreal to showcase his talent. Later, James collaborated with artists such as Fouki and LaF , and continued to

grow his talent and fan base.

In 2017, James put together a band featuring classical and jazz trained musicians,

Sebastian Real Hernandez, Tomas Leger, and Antonin Mercier. Each member brings

excellence and artistry to the band, helping James bring his vision to life.

In his album/short film, “Cherry Blue,” blues, soul, and psychedelic rock come

together in a new an exciting way that has us craving more. Layers of guitar and

synth compliment unexpected brass additions in songs that feel perfect for getting

away from it all. This past year, James has been working in preparation for an exciting, new album release titled, “Entertainer’s Club.”

Catch him on October 31 st to hear a taste of the new stuff!