What If Elephants, the band you won't forget.

So you’re looking for your next musical obsession, and haven’t found anything that really “gets” you. Let me introduce you to What If Elephants: a Montreal based, indie-pop band that serves the kind of catchy, yet emotional bop you’re looking for.

Derived from the lead singer’s solo project as Joey Langlois, What If Elephants was formed in 2014, and showcases Joey’s talent for song writing.

The band highlights the musical excellence of drummer Justin Wiley, as well as pianist/vocalist, Alanna Martin. Much of the band’s recent titles like, “Middle Ground,” and freshly released single “ETA” touch on aspects of Joey and Alanna’s relationship as a couple, allowing us as the listeners to be a part of the love story as well as the challenges they write about.

WIE’s introspective yet relatable lyrics allow fans to inject their own experiences into the story.

Qualifying to Montreal’s top 10 in the CBC’s Searchlight competition, winning the RBC Emerging Musician Program in 2018, and being featured in Parks Canada campaigns, are a few of the ways the band has been recognized not only in Montreal, but across the country. On tour alongside fellow Canadian alt/rock names, What If Elephants has made their way through the festival scene in 2019, and is currently collaborating with producer Tokyo Speirs to release more new music next year – so keep your ears open for new, “can’t-get-it-out-of-my-head” tracks that speak to your deeper side.

Listen to the track here and the amazing music video here