Who Are We?

The music industry is pretty complex. Finding its way within it is nothing short of crazy. In order to create their own path, artists must now find a way to surround themselves with a team that will be there to help them build a sustainable career.
Easier said than done, we know. The modern world brought a whole lot of changes to our industry. These changes created what we call the New Music Industry.

Our team decided to take on these challenges in order to understand this new music business better. Every day, we are learning to adapt to the latest technologies and develop real-life strategies that can bring true fans to talented and devoted artists.

For us, it’s pretty obvious:
Work hard, have fun and the results will follow.

What We Do

Golden Path Music - Management


It's okay, we know money is always an issue in music. Good thing we've done the legwork for you and have secured more than half a million dollars to independent artists in the last few years. You won't need a sugar daddy. (or maybe you will)

Consulting & Distribution

Consulting, coaching, mentoring, it has multiple names but the result is the same. One-on-one sessions to plan your next move, assist you during your album cycle or just chat about how hard is it to get open for Taylor Swift.

Golden Path Music - Marketing

Toolbox & Sh** You Need

Trust us, this is what we dreamt we had years ago when we started. Contract templates, merch inventory, contacts for your next tour and other essential documents. 


On The Spotlight


Grants Eligibility Quiz and Deadline Calendar

We've done the hard work for you. We have develop a short quiz that will tell you what grant from which organization you are eligible to apply. In two minutes, we'll answer a questions that took us sooooooo long to figure out. On top of that, we have an extensive calendar of grant deadline just so you don't miss the ever-changing important deadline. If you do, you'll have to wait at least six months to apply. Trust us, it sucks....

Don't Miss Another Deadline! 

Apply for more than 15 different grants all under one roof and get access to our dashboard! 

Golden Path Music - Consulting


Real Active Music Distribution 

Not to call names or anything but there is a million "passive" distribution company out there. You know who they are. They just distribute your music to streaming platforms but offer no marketing support. What we offer is a little different. We work with partners to pitch your release to official Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music and Amazon Music playlists. 

Our friend's numbers:

Over 60 million streams
Over 120 million views
Over 1.2 million followers
Let's get started!

No-BS Webinars and Q&As

Let's be honest, there is a million webinars out there about every subject imaginable. Most, if not all of them are quite boring with power points and a monotone presenter who knows his subject a little too well 🤨. What we do is a little different. Our No-BS Webinars and Q&As session are design to be short, packed with useful info and as honest as humainly possible. Plus we are a full time management agency so we basically just share our day-to-day job.  


Our Friends

Jades Goudreault
Flara K

Our Partners


The New Music Industry

This section is our education center where we share information about our new music industry. We keep it casual, fun and informative.

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Dec 11, 2023

Golden Path Agency


This is our full-service award winning agency for artists and companies. 

Golden Path Agency is more than a managmenent company, it's where you fully enter the family and get our complete support. We keep our roster quite small to make sure that we can attend the Sunday night dinners at mom's and pop's. 



Let's keep in touch! 

We're super friendly, we remove our shoes before coming in and we never spam. You'll receive a few emails a month with important information about the new music industry.