Who Are We?

The music industry is pretty complex. Finding its way within it is nothing short of crazy. In order to create their own path, artists must now find a way to surround themselves with a team that will be there to help them build a sustainable career.
Easier said than done, we know. The modern world brought a whole lot of changes to our industry. These changes created what we call the New Music Industry.

Our team decided to take on these challenges in order to understand this new music business better. Every day, we are learning to adapt to the latest technologies and develop real-life strategies that can bring true fans to talented and devoted artists.

‚ÄčFor us, it’s pretty obvious:
Work hard, have fun and the results will follow.

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Golden Path Music - Marketing

Music Marketing

There is no secret, social media is amazing to develop an audience...if used correctly. Our team knows the dos and don'ts and can help you achieve your goals online.



Consulting, coaching, mentoring, it has multiple names but the result is the same. One-on-one sessions to plan your next move, assist you during your album cycle or just chat about the new music industry. 

Golden Path Music - Management

Artist Management

This is kinda self-explanatory. Our management service is a bit more exclusive. Still, we want to hear your tracks and learn more about who your are. Send us your demos!  

On The Spotlight


Tik Tok Content Marketing

Tik Tok...the new instagram. Is it? It's probably the revolution that we were all waiting for. It created more hit artists in the last years than all other social media platforms combined. But how does it work? How to create an audience in this low attention span world? Our team can help you answer all those questions and optimize your profile to activate the algorithm. Let us help. 

Golden Path Music - Consulting

Strategic Artist Development Plan

This is a brand new service that we are offering. The SADP is a 8 to 10 sessions consulting plan where we dig deep into every aspect of your music career. In the end, you have an executable 2 years plan with clear goals and strategies. On top of that, we'll do another session 6 months after to follow up. 



We offer two different types of funding. For Canadians, we are well-versed in what's available in the country and have helped countless artists secure grants. We also partnered with chordChash to help secure advances on master royalties for our clients. Hit the button below for more information. 


Our Clients



Jades Goudreault
Flara K

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The New Music Industry

This section is our education center where we share information about our new music industry. We keep it casual, fun and informative.

Music Marketing Doesn't Work?

Apr 11, 2022

Our New Podcast

Yes! It's our brand new podcast for music lovers! 

We partnered up with EvenOut to create this entertaining new podcast for music lovers. The concept is simple, each week, the guys will choose three favourite tracks to discuss and analyze during the episode. They will invite fellow artists and content creators to share their favourite tracks and discuss their careers in a fun "gameterview" style. 


Let's keep in touch! 

We're super friendly, we remove our shoes before coming in and we never spam. You'll receive a few emails a month with important information about the new music industry.