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Born out of the need of new leaders in the music industry, our company was created to help artists and companies navigate the music business and find success. 


We are industry executives, opportunity seekers, hard workers, drummers, songwriters, guitarists, producers, mentors but more importantly, passionate music lovers. 


Building the right knowledge and connections is the key to finding success in this industry. We are here to work with you and to make sure that you achieve your professional and music career goals.


Golden Path Music is a multidisciplinary company that offers multiple services for artists, songwriters and producers.  


Our Commitment

We are music industry professionals that are here to help you succeed in this ever-changing market. Our values are transparency, honesty and dedications.  

What We Do

One-on-One personal session to achieve your goals.


Digital marketing, branding and marketing plan design.

Digital Marketing

We have an amazing roaster of artists who are killing it! 


We Work With

Jades Goudreault
Maya Malkin
What If Elephants
Jesse Daniel Smith 
Andria Piperni

Our Artist's Numbers:

"Simon at Golden Path has the knowledge and ability to make your vision come true. From branding to marketing to distribution, Simon tackles a wide range of challenges that come with working in the music industry."

- Ozey

Artists Spotlight

What If Elephants is a band from Montreal, Quebec who's on the rise for the past two years. Check them out! 

What If Elephants


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We are a music group that offer a range of services in multiple industries. 


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