What is it? 

Imagine having a close partner who is there to navigate with you this complex industry. Your personal mentor will help you make hard decisions, develop your project and get where you want to go. Think of it like a close friend with a great amount of experience, knowledge and connections in the music industry. I know right!

Oh, and best off all, you don't have to meet in person if you don't want to. We can do Skype, Facetime, Messenger and ZOOM. Easy!


Social Media & Advertisment

Rights Management

Release Planning

Music Networking

Marketing & Fans Acquisition

Project Management

What They Think

"Amazing experience. Very professional! I highly recommend it."

- BlindBear

"Simon at Golden Path has the knowledge and ability to make your vision come true. From branding to marketing to distribution, Simon tackles a wide range of challenges that come with working in the music industry."


"Professionalism, youth, modernism and preciseness... I would work with GPM without hesitation anytime, anywhere."

- BlindBear

"Simon, Golden Path has always been of great support, a reliable adviser, and a genuine human being."

- Kolas

"Golden Path helps me organize my work, provides the best advice in the industry and maintains a good relationship with every client."

- Vince James

"Know how to carry your artistic projects. Always happy and devoted to answering your questions. They have excellent contacts to build a stable path in your field. I highly recommend to everyone."

- Depth Studio

Work with industry experts and build new connections

We are a music group that offer a range of services in multiple industries. 


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